Antibody fragmentsTransgenes expressing antibody fragments.
Baylor mapping kitsP-element-based mapping kits from Hugo Bellen's lab at Baylor.
cell line generationStocks for establishing cell lines using activated Ras85D.
Chemtag - Tissue staining with chemical tagsLines carrying CLIP, SNAP, Halo and TMP tags for labeling subcellular compartments.
ChemoconnectomeStocks for studying neurotransmission.
deGradFPStocks for directing GFP-tagged proteins to the proteasome for degradation.
DMARCMDouble MARCM is similar to MARCM but requires two recombination events for expression.
DNA base editorsCas9-based editors for making point mutations
Dominant female sterileDominant female sterile stocks for making germline clones in females.
Dominant steriles and lethalsStocks carrying dominant sterile or lethal mutations.
Dominant temperature-sensitive lethalsStocks carrying dominant temperature-sensitive lethal alleles.
DrosDel starterStocks used to make FRT-based deletions based on DrosDel insertions.
Exelixis starterStocks used to make FRT-based deletions based on Exelixis insertions. These are also the background stocks for the BSC Deficiencies.
Fly FUCCIFluorescent ubiquitination-based cell cycle indicators.
FRT - Protocol for making somatic clonesRichard Carthew's instructions for making somatic clones using the FLP/FRT system.
G-TRACE & i-TRACELines for cell lineage analysis
GynandromorphsStocks for generating gynandromorphs.
HACK method (homology assisted CRISPR knock-in)Stocks for converting GAL4 lines into QF2 lines.
Histone mutationsLines carrying the histone gene cluster (His1, His2A, His2B, His3 and His4) with modifications made to particular histone genes.
Hostile takeover linesAll Mi{Hto} insertions at Bloomington.
hs-hid protocolStocks and methods for using hs-hid.
Imprecise excision of P or Minos elementsStocks for making imprecise excisions of P or Minos-based transposons.
IntMEMOIRLine for cell lineage tracing
Killer ZipperThe GAL4 DNA-binding domain fused to Zip+ for further restriction of an expression pattern using the split GAL4 system.
lacO & lacITarget GFP to specific chromosomal sites in live cells.
lacZ reportersStocks carrying transgenes with wildtype or mutant lacZ reporters.
lacZ fusion proteinsStocks with transgenes expressing proteins fused to beta-galactosidase.
lineage filteringLineage restricted expression via patterned recombination
Mapping stocksA selection of stocks for mapping, including SNP lines.
MARCMMARCM lines for mosaic analysis from the Luo lab.
mir gene mutationsmir gene knockouts, most are from Steve Cohen and colleagues
mitotic recombinationStocks for detecting induced or spontaneous mitotic recombination via cuticular phenotypes.
MultiColor FlpoutLines for cell lineage analysis.
P repressionStocks for studying repression of P element transposition
Photoactivatable AC_GCStocks carrying constructs to convert adenosine triphosphate to cyclic adenosine monophosphate upon exposure to blue light.
Photoreceptor clonesStocks for making marked photoreceptor clones using two-color Tomato/GFP-FLP/FRT method.
Position-effect variegationA panel of P{hsp26-pt-T} insertions illustrating position-effect variegation patterns of miniwhite.
proPO stainingStocks for detecting GAL4 expression patterns via phenoloxidase conversion of dopamine to melanin.
RaeppliLines for cell lineage analysis.
Recombinases and their targets (FLP/FRT, cre, B2, B3, KD etc)Links to lists of stocks carrying FLP, other recombinases (including cre, B2, B3, and KD) and/or their targets can be found here
RMCE - MiMIC information and links to donorsInformation on Recombination-Mediated Cassette Exchange using Mi{MIC} insertions and links to stocks carrying donor cassettes.
RNA isolationStocks for isolating RNA from specific cells.
Segregation distorterLines with components of the SD meiotic drive system
Sex-biased broodsStocks for recovering mostly male or female progeny using the SD system.
Sexing embryosDistinguishing female from male embryos with GFP
SPARCRestricted expression (sparsening) through recombination.
Staging third instar larvaeUsing Sgs3-GFP to stage larvae to fairly narrow windows.
STaRLines for specifically marking pre- and/or post-synaptic terminals
Sxl, tra and snf stock notesNotes from Tom Cline on the use of Sxl, tra and snf stocks generated in his lab.
Tie-DyeFLP-mediated recombination results in photoreceptor clones marked with one of two fluors.
Transcription factors - taggedTagged transcription factors from the modERN project
Transposable element mutagenesisSelected stocks for P, H, PBac and Mi transposable element mutagenesis.
TRICTranscriptional reporters of intracellular Ca2+
Trojan-GAL4 donorsDonor cassettes for turning MiMICs into T2A-GAL4s.
UAS & lexA lines from PfeifferUAS & lexAop regulated transgenes with varying numbers of repeats driving fluors or GAL80 from Pfeiffer et al., 2010.
Ubiquitination tagsTags for isolating ubiquitinated proteins.
UnderdominanceStocks for studying underdominant genetic transformation of insect populations.
Voltron voltage sensorsStocks carrying Voltron, a chemigenetic voltage sensor
White-eraserStock for changing a mini-w+ marker to 3xP3-RFP
Wolbachia-carryingStocks known to carry a defined strain of Wolbachia.