PEV reference stocks

The following P{hsp26-pt-T} insertions were chosen by Sally Elgin to provide position-effect variegation patterns of miniwhite characteristic of centric, telomeric, Y and fourth chromosome heterochromatin.

P{hsp26-pt-T} carries Hsp26 regulatory sequences driving expression of a plant cDNA sequence and Hsp70 regulatory sequences driving expression of miniwhite.

Figure of P{hsp26-pt-T}

Representative expression patterns of the eyes in the stocks below can be  downloaded here (beware it is a big file).

The following stocks contain the nonvariegating P{hsp26-pt-T} insertions mobilized to generate the insertions above.

Protocols for mapping new insertions are given in Cryderman et al. (1999). The primers for inverse or direct PCR shown in the figure above are 1, 5′-AACTCGAGGCCTCGAGGT-3′; 2, 5′-GACGAAATGACCCACTCGG-3′; 3, 5′-GCTTCGGCTATCGACGGGACCACC-3′.

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