Pay for an Order

How to pay for a BDSC order depends on your account type. Payment has already been arranged for orders on APMulti and POMulti accounts. If your account type is APSingle, you need to make a payment before your order can be shipped. If your account type is POSingle, you need to give us a purchase order before your order can be shipped.

All invoices issued by the BDSC have a net 30 day term.

To take full advantage of BDSC's volume discount, you must finalize (pay or provide a PO) processsed APSingle and POSingle orders before a new order is processed. Orders are processed on Monday and Thursday each week.

PayPal is our processor for online payments. You have the option to pay from a PayPal account or with a credit/debit payment card. Please read our debit or credit card payment Refund Policy.

Log in to the BDSC website (click on the LOG IN link in the upper-right and use your email address and your password to log in). Click on the ACCOUNT link in the upper-right, then click Orders in the left sidebar menu. Locate the order you want to pay and press the 'Pay Now' button.

You will be taken to PayPal's secure website where you will pay for your order. Leave "Ship to my billing address" checked, even though we will not ship to your billing address. Stocks will be shipped to the address selected when stocks were ordered.

A receipt for your transaction will be sent by PayPal to the email address you provide. Be sure the address is accurate and consider adding to your address book or whitelist.

Orders paid by mid-morning Monday will be shipped on Friday. Orders paid by mid-morning Thursday will be shipped the following Tuesday (see Order Fulfillment for details).

WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN THE 'PAY NOW' BUTTON IS GRAY? In order to prevent duplicate payments, we designed this as a one-time use button. If you clicked the button and didn't complete payment you cannot click it a second time. But don't despair, it is easy for us to reset. Just contact us and we will re-activate the button for you.

Log in to the BDSC website (click on the LOG IN link in the upper-right and use your email address and your password to log in). Then click on the ACCOUNT link in the upper-right. Then click Purchase Order from the left sidebar. Follow the instructions to upload your document. We will be notified of your upload.

Alternatively, email the document to

Start by logging into your account, then click on ACCOUNT in the top right menu. Click on Orders on the lefthand sidebar. Review orders by clicking on the Order Number (multiple people may have stocks in the order so please review any orders carefully before cancelling!).

All orders that can be cancelled will have a Cancel Order button next to the order (orders with status "PROCESSING", “READY TO SHIP”, or “SHIPPED” cannot be canceled). To cancel an order, click the Cancel Order button