Conditions of Use

Written genotypes and stock comments represent our integration of information from donors, curators and users, but we cannot guarantee that the current genetic composition of samples always matches written genotypes and our descriptions. Because mistakes occur, genetic sequences change over time and cross-contamination is possible, users must do appropriate validatory checks. We will make reasonable efforts to redress problematic shipments; nevertheless, by ordering a BDSC stock, the recipient understands and agrees that the item is taken "as is," and further agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the donor(s) of the stock(s), the Trustees of Indiana University and its officers, agents, and employees, including the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center directors and employees, with respect to any claims or causes of action of whatever sort, relating to the Center's provision of the stock(s) or the recipient's receipt, use, and activity with respect to such stock(s).

Stocks obtained from the BDSC may not be redistributed outside of the recipient's organization without our written consent. When you request a BDSC account and/or order stocks, you agree to this policy on behalf of yourself, all users of your account, and anyone in your organization allowed access to stocks received from BDSC. Unauthorized redistribution may result in the BDSC denying you, your group, or your organization access to stocks and services.

Many BDSC stocks contain patented and/or exclusively licensed components. Information on stock components covered by patents and/or licenses may be found here. Most patent holders and licensors permit unrestricted use of their materials for nonprofit research, but some require licenses. We provide notification of licensing requirements when stipulated by distribution agreements, but lack of notification should not be construed as a lack of licensing requirements for for-profit research. It is the recipient’s responsibility to identify and obtain any necessary licenses needed to satisfy patent protections for for-profit research. We will cooperate with patent holders pursuing investigations of specific instances of infringement by specific stock recipients. We will routinely provide the contact information for all recipients of specific stocks with patented components to patent holders only upon prior arrangement and only when recipients are notified during the ordering process that the patent holder requires use licenses. We will not verify that users hold licenses as a condition for stock shipment, nor will we restrict distribution to recipients undertaking not-for-profit research.

We report anonymized, aggregate use statistics to funding agencies, our Scientific Advisory Board, and other interested parties (usually for resource-development purposes). We do not share information about your specific stock requests except in the case of patented material (see above) or when legally required to do so in the contexts of regulatory compliance or governmental investigation.