Conditions of Use

Stocks obtained from the BDSC may not be redistributed outside of the recipient's organization without our written consent. When you request a BDSC account and/or order stocks, you agree to this policy on behalf of yourself, all users of your account, and anyone in your organization allowed access to stocks received from BDSC. If anyone covered by this agreement fails to honor it, we may deny you, your group, or your organization access to the stocks and services of the BDSC.

Many BDSC stocks contain patented and/or exclusively licensed components. Information on stock components covered by patents and/or licenses can be found here. Patent owners and licensees permit unrestricted use of their materials for nonprofit research purposes only. It is the recipient's responsibility to obtain any necessary licenses and/or permissions from the patent holder for any work with these stocks falling outside the scope of this authorization.

We cannot guarantee that the genotype of any given stock is as represented in the stock listing. We will make every attempt to correct mis-shipments but listed genotypes are as they were received from the donors. By ordering a BDSC stock, the recipient understands and agrees that he/she takes the item "as is," and further agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the donor(s) of the stock(s), the Trustees of Indiana University and its officers, agents, and employees, including the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center directors and employees, with respect to any claims or causes of action of whatever sort, relating to the Center's provision of the stock(s) or the recipient's receipt, use, and activity with respect to such stock(s).

We report anonymized aggregate collection use statistics to our funding agency, NIH, to our Scientific Advisory Board, and to other interested parties (usually for resource development purposes). We do not share information about your specific stock requests with third parties except when legally required to do so in the contexts of regulatory compliance or governmental investigation.