Account Types

Account Types We offer four account types designed to meet the needs of our customers who use a wide variety of payment systems. Each account type has advantages and disadvantages depending on your organization's rules and procedures. We encourage you to consult your purchasing agent to determine which account type is best suited to your needs. Fees are the same for all account types.

Below is a quick comparison guide for the four account types with more detailed explanations in the expandable boxes below. Please note that orders are processed on Tuesday and Thursday at noon. As a result, the minimum time from order to shipment depends on when the order was placed in relation to when the order is processed. The minimum time from order to shipment also depends on the account type and the time it takes you to provide a purchase order (for POSingle) or make a credit card payment (for APSingle) after you receive a quote for the order.

Quick Comparison Guideaccount_type_comparisons