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If you could not find a specific stock, have questions about stocks you received from us, or noticed problems in the webpages, please send an email to us (flystock AT indiana DOT edu). 

For questions about order processing and stock shipments, contact Kim Cook (ruacook AT iu DOT edu), Tel: 812-855-5783.

See Ordering & Accounts for additional information.

For questions about payments, purchase orders or invoices, contact Jane Stout by email (flyadmin AT iu DOT edu) or call Kim Cook at 812-855-5783.

Pay for an Order describes how to make a payment for an order, and how to give us a purchase order. To pay an invoice, follow the instructions on the invoice.

For questions related to stock acquisition, distribution, international transportation, MTA and interllectual property, please contact Kevin Cook (kercook AT iu DOT edu).

BDSC collects stocks of broad interest to the research community. Read our Acquisition Policy for additional information. If you have questions about stock donation, please contact Annette Parks (flystock AT indiana DOT edu).

Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Dept of Biology, Indiana University
1001 E. Third St, Bloomington, IN 47405-7005
Tel: 812-855-5783