• Administration
    Kevin Cook, Ph.D.Policy, administration, intellectual property and regulatory
    Kathy Matthews, Ph.D.Policy, administration, database, website and accounting
    Annette Parks, Ph.D.Policy, administration, database, website and human disease models
    Thom Kaufman, Ph.D.Policy and advisory
    Sam Zheng, Ph.D.Collections management, website
    Cale Whitworth, Ph.D.Collections management, website
  • Research Associates
    Kim Cook, Ph.D.Lab Manager and order processing
    Jane StoutFinancial Manager - Payment, invoice, purchase order
    Ellen Popodi, Ph.D.Quality control, quarantine
    Lily Kahsai Golden, Ph.D.Research projects
    Lawrence WashingtonResearch projects
  • Staff
    Jean WelpInvoicing and shipping
    Mary Ann HorrocksQuarantine
    Kay BennettShipping
    Alma ArriagaShipping
  • Stockkeeping