Order Fulfillment

We distribute small subcultures of stocks for you to expand as needed. Cultures typically arrive with viable eggs and larvae but we cannot promise living adults. Extreme weather, delays at customs and inherently weak stocks are the primary reasons for stocks arriving in unusable condition. Be aware that you share the shipment-loss risk with us (see Shipping Considerations on this page and Problems in the Box for details) and consider these loss drivers before ordering. Because our supply of each stock is small, we cannot accommodate requests for larger numbers of adults or multiple cultures of the same stock in the same order round.

Order Processing and Shipping Schedule

Please note that our order processing schedule has changed. Effective March 4, 2019 orders will be processed on Monday (not Tuesday) and Thursday of each week. Please see our news announcement for more details.

Two stock order cycles, one for Friday shipment and one for Tuesday shipment, are completed each week. Order processing and fulfillment occur in several steps over several days. Your account type determines the path your order takes through an order cycle and the timing of order-related communications from us.