Order Fulfillment

We distribute small subcultures of stocks for you to expand as needed. Cultures typically arrive with viable eggs and larvae but we cannot promise living adults. Extreme weather, delays at customs and inherently weak stocks are the primary reasons for stocks arriving in unusable condition. Be aware that you share the shipment-loss risk with us (see Shipping Considerations on this page and Problems in the Box for details) and consider these loss drivers before ordering. Because our supply of each stock is small, we cannot accommodate requests for larger numbers of adults or multiple cultures of the same stock in the same order round.

Order Processing and Shipping Schedule

Please note that our order processing schedule has changed. Effective March 4, 2019 orders will be processed on Monday (not Tuesday) and Thursday of each week. Please see our news announcement for more details.

Two stock order cycles, one for Friday shipment and one for Tuesday shipment, are completed each week. Order processing and fulfillment occur in several steps over several days. Your account type determines the path your order takes through an order cycle and the timing of order-related communications from us.

Step 1. An order round is closed when we download open stock orders from the server each Monday and Thursday (typically between 1pm -- 4pm) for processing. The Status of your order(s) on our website changes from Open (stocks can be added) to Processing (stocks cannot be added). Quotes for orders on APSingle and POSingle account types are emailed shortly thereafter. The paperwork needed to prepare and ship finalized orders is produced and distributed to stockkeepers.

Step 2. Requested stocks are pulled from the fly rooms and subcultured in plastic shipping vials.

Step 3. Individual shipments are assembled and packaged on Monday for Tuesday shipment and on Thursday for Friday shipment.

Step 4. Shipment confirmation and detailed information on the stocks in a shipment are sent by email.

Step 5. Packages are transferred to campus mail services or are picked up by a courier service on Tuesday and Friday mornings (with the exception of FedEx which ships on Monday or Thursday).

Step 6. Packages at campus mail services have postage applied and are transferred to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to recipient.

When Monday is a U.S. holiday, shipment is typically delayed to Wednesday. When Thursday is a U.S. holiday, shipment is typically delayed to the following Tuesday. We do not ship during the second half of December (due to the extremely high loss rate of flies put into the holiday mail rush). December shipping schedules are posted in advance in BDSC News.

If there is an order with status Open on your BDSC account, new stocks ordered on the account are automatically added to the open order. Once an order's status changes to Processing, additional stocks cannot be added. If an order is not yet scheduled for shipment, you can cancel it and place a new order for all of the stocks you need.

Risk of Loss. Although the great majority of stocks survive shipment, we cannot guarantee that your stocks will arrive alive. We share the risk of shipment loss with you by replacing any stock that dies in transit once without charging a stock or handling fee, and we pay reshipment postage if $5 or less. If you use courier service, or postage costs exceed $5, you pay the courier or postage charges for the reshipment. If the replacement shipment also dies in transit our normal charges will apply to additional orders for the lost stock or stocks.

Post vs. Courier. Stocks can be shipped through the U.S. Postal Service or one of several courier services, depending on your location (see Shipping Methods on the Accounts & Users page). Courier shipment is necessary to move stocks through Customs in some countries, and may improve the odds of stock survival in hot or cold weather. Postal Service shipping is the least expensive per shipment, but courier service may be more cost-effective in the long run for your particular circumstances. 

Shipment tracking numbers. Packages sent through the Postal Service do not have tracking numbers. Request courier shipment if you want a tracking number for your package.

Insulated packaging. While we expect you to take the current weather conditions into account when ordering stocks, we understand that not all shipments can be timed so carefully. If you think insulated packaging will improve survival rates of stocks traveling in extremely hot or cold weather, contact us to request it for your shipment. There is no additional charge for insulation at this time.

Confirmation of the stocks being shipped to you is sent by email after the flies have been packaged for shipment. This email is your notification that your order has been processed and your stocks will be in transit within 24 hours. It also contains detailed information about each stock from our database. If a stock you ordered is not on the list it could not be sent. If your order was prepaid you will receive an account credit for the cost of the unsent stock (if you paid by credit card and prefer a refund contact us).