Educational resources for Drosophila

Below we list links to sites with educational materials for using or teaching with Drosophila.

Information on working with Drosophila

Images of common Drosophila phenotypic markers

Movies of developmental processes

  • FlyMove - a source of information, images, and movies on various fly developmental processes from Christian Klämbt and colleagues
  • Fly Morph-O-Genesis - movies of fly embryogenesis from Thom Kaufman, Rudi Turner and colleagues at the Society of Developmental Biology site (embryonic stills can be found here along with SEMs of wildtype and mutant fly heads - scanning electron micrographs from Rudi Turner).

Teaching with Drosophila

Teaching science

Cheat/crib sheets

  • Cheat sheets - a list of cheat sheets (aka crib sheets) from the BDSC that may be useful for both experienced and inexperienced fly workers

Links to pages with more resources

  • FlyBase Wiki - A list of online Drosophila resources from FlyBase
  • Interactive Fly - A guide to Drosophila genes, pathways and more plus links to more Drosophila resources from Tom Brody

Links to historical data

  • Calvin Bridge papers/notebooks - a collection of notebooks/manuscripts from Calvin Bridges hosted at the American Philosophical Society
  • Wildtype/inbred stock data - a file compiled by FlyBase with information on wildtype and inbred stocks (including when and where many stocks were originally collected)