Stock and Handling Fees

Stocks for 2021 ShipmentPrice per StockHandling Fee per ShipmentDomestic Postage per packageInternational Postage per package
1st—5th$20.00 each$4.00 domestic; $7.50 international$4.80—$121.90$14.25—$151.60
6th—100th$9.30 each$4.00 domestic; $7.50 international$4.80—$121.90$14.25—$151.60
101st and up$5.00 each$4.00 domestic; $7.50 international$4.80—$121.90$14.25—$151.60
Price per stockPrice per stock is based on the total number of stocks ordered for shipment in 2021 excluding replacements for dead on arrival stocks. The first 5 stocks are priced at $20 each, and discounts are applied to numbers of stocks above certain thresholds: the 6th through the 100th stocks are $9.30 each. Stocks over 100 are $5.00 each. The number of stocks ordered for shipment is cumulative through the calendar year and need not be ordered all at once to obtain the discounted price.
Take advantage of the discountThe volume discount is based on the number of finalized stock orders on your account at the time a new order is processed. To take full advantage of the discount using an APSingle or POSingle account type, be sure to pay for existing orders before placing new ones (in this context providing us with a valid PO counts as paying).
Handling feesA BDSC handling fee is charged for each shipment based on destination:
Domestic shipment - $4.00
International shipment - $7.50
PostagePostage will be charged using the values in these postage tables, which are based on the average weight of a given number of stocks and the Postal Service rates for each destination. Orders of more than 430 stocks will be shipped in multiple boxes.
CourierCosts for courier service (see Shipping Methods on the Accounts & Users page) are variable. You pay the actual cost of the service.
Import CostsImport costs such as duties, taxes and veterinary inspection fees vary by country and must be paid by your organization directly to the courier or relevant authorities.
Risk of LossAlthough the great majority of stocks survive shipment, we cannot guarantee that your stocks will arrive alive. Also, as with any shipment, there is a small chance that it will be lost during transit. We share the risk of dead on arrival (DOA) and lost shipments with you by replacing any stock that dies or is lost in transit once without charging a stock or handling fee, and we pay reshipment postage if $5 or less. If you use courier service, or postage costs exceed $5, you pay the courier or postage charges for the reshipment. Because we offer a free (no stock or handling fee) replacement for each paid stock, you must pay for the original order even if it arrived dead or never arrived at all. All replacement orders (referred to as DOA orders) must be requested within 6 weeks of the original order date per our replacement policy. If the replacement shipment also dies or is lost in transit our normal charges will apply to additional orders for the lost stock or stocks.
Your fees are subsidizedGrant funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health covers ~22% of the cost of BDSC services. User fees must cover the remaining costs of the collection.
Past fees2021 fees represent a ~18% increase over fees charged in 2020. 2020 fees were about 5% more than 2019. 2019 fees were identical to those charged in 2018 which incurred the first fee increase since 2012.