Recombination-Mediated Cassette Exchange using MiMIC insertions

The MiMIC collection, generated by the Gene Disruption Project, is composed of a large set of Minos-based insertions carrying an attP-flanked gene trap cassette. Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange (RMCE) can be used to swap the gene trap cassette with attB-flanked cassettes of your choice using phiC31 integrase. DNA carrying attB-flanked donor cassettes can be supplied either by injection or via a "donor" transgene using genetic crosses (Venken et al., 2011; Nagarkar-Jaiswal et al., 2015). rmce can be used to swap the ayyB-flanked gene trap cassette with an attB-flanked cassette of choice

The following are links to pages with stocks carrying donor transgenes that can be used to carry out swaps genetically. More information and references can be found on each page.

Donors for making:Brief Description
Protein trapsDonors for making tagged proteins using MiMIC insertions inside coding introns.
GAL4 lines, TrojanDonors for expressing GAL4 in the pattern of a gene using intronic MiMIC insertions.
Double Header trapsDonors for making either tagged proteins or T2A-GAL4 gene traps depending on the orientation of the swap.