Tagged transcription factors expressed under native control

Lines expressing tagged transcription factors under the control of their own promoters are listed here. Briefly, BAC clones were recombineered to introduce sequences encoding fluorescence or epitope tags at specific positions within genes to tag specific protein isoforms and the genomic segments were transformed into attP sites. Although the constructs are named for the tagged gene, other untagged genes are often present in the constructs (see Kudron et al. (2018) for more details). 

The top table carries transcription factors with sequence-specific DNA-binding domains. Transcription factors with no known DNA-binding domain can be found in the bottom table

This project originated in Kevin White's lab as part of the modENCODE Project and many of the lines were generated in collaboration with Thom Kaufman’s lab. The project is currently continuing as a collaboration between the labs of Kevin White and Sue Celniker as the modERN (model organism Encyclopedia of Regulatory Networks) Project. 

Stocks that express tagged proteins which may regulate transcription, but do not have a known DNA-binding domain are shown below.

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