Fluorescent protein stocks

Plain Fluors*

Fluors under the control of UAS

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, ASAP, Eos, split, etc.)
G-TRACE & i-TRACE (mitotic clone)
Pfeiffer lines (e.g. 5X/10X/20X UAS-GFP)
Raeppli (mitotic clone)
TIE-DYE (mitotic clone)
Twin spot MARCM (mitotic clone)

Fluors under the control of lexAop

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, Eos, split, etc.)
Pfeiffer lines (e.g. 8X/13X/16X/26X lexAop2)
Twin spot MARCM (mitotic clone)

Fluors under the control of QUAS

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, split, etc.)

Fluors driven by something else (not UAS, lexAop or QUAS)

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, ASAP, Eos, split etc.)
Chemosensory neurons
Ubiquitous expression

Fluor-tagged proteins


Fluor-tagged proteins under native control

Protein Traps
Transcription factors (modERN)

Fluor-tagged proteins under non-native control

Hostile Takeover

Cellular markers, reporters and tools

Markers and reporters for cellular processes, signaling pathways, tissues and cellular structures
Fly-FUCCI (cell cycle)
split-GFP (for GRASP)
Optogenetic tools (Channelrhodopsin/halorhodopsin)
Relocating GFP-tagged proteins (e.g. GrabFP)
STaR (synapse)

Non-fluor cellular tags

Tags (OLLAS, V5, HA, etc) in a smGdP scaffold

Fluor balancers

Balancers (green/red balancers)

Lines for knocking down fluors or fluor-tagged proteins

RNAi lines for fluors
*Plain fluors are those not generally fused to another protein unless it is to tag, localize or alter the properties of the fluor in some way.