Fluorescent protein stocks

Plain" Fluors

Fluors under the control of UAS

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, ASAP, Eos, split, etc.)
G-TRACE & i-TRACE (mitotic clone)
Pfeiffer lines (e.g. 5X/10X/20X UAS-GFP)
Raeppli (mitotic clone)
split-GFP (for GRASP)
TIE-DYE (mitotic clone)
Twin spot MARCM (mitotic clone)

Fluors under the control of lexAop

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, Eos, split, etc.)
Pfeiffer lines (e.g. 8X/13X/16X/26X lexAop2)
split-GFP (for GRASP)
Twin spot MARCM (mitotic clone)

Fluors under the control of QUAS

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, split, etc.)
split-GFP (for GRASP)

Fluors driven by something else (not UAS, lexAop or QUAS)

All (GFP, RFP, GCaMP, ASAP, Eos, split etc.)
Chemosensory neurons
Ubiquitous expression
split-GFP (for GRASP)

Fluor-tagged proteins


Fluor-tagged proteins under native control

Protein Traps
Transcription factors (modERN)

Fluor-tagged proteins under non-native control

Hostile Takeover

Cellular markers, reporters and tools

Cellular compartments, processes and signaling pathways
Fly-FUCCI (cell cycle)
split-GFP (for GRASP)
Optogenetic tools (Channelrhodopsin/halorhodopsin)
Relocating GFP-tagged proteins (e.g. GrabFP)
Sensors (voltage, calcium, cAMP, redox, glutamate etc.)
STaR (synapse)

Fluor balancers

Balancers (green/red balancers)

Lines for knocking down fluors or fluor-tagged proteins

RNAi lines for fluors