Twin Spot MARCM

The following list provides stocks for uniquely marking clonal descendant cells following a mitotic recombination event. Each construct carries the gene for a tagged fluorescent protein and sequences for RNAi of a different tagged fluorescent protein. As the example in the diagram shows, no fluorescent proteins are expressed when matched pairs of constructs are present. Upon mitotic recombination and homozygosis of each construct in a different descendant cell, RNA interference is removed and fluorescent proteins are expressed.

Illustration of twin spot MARCM showing differential expression of fluors in daughter cells following mitotic recombination

These constructs were described in Awasaki et al. (2014) "Making Drosophila lineage-restricted drivers via patterned recombination in neuroblasts", Nature Neuroscience 4: 631-637.

For most chromosome arms, basal FRT insertions have not yet been combined with the twin spot MARCM insertions.

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