GAL4 lines

GAL4 stocks

Janelia and CEP lines 
All non-Janelia/CEP lines 
InSITE GAL4 lines
Chemosensory GAL4s (chemosensory gene controlled)
CoinFLP (make GAL4 or lexA clones)
GeneSwitch (steroid-activated GAL4s)
Ligand sensors (ligand binding domain fusions)
Rab-GAL4 (Rab controlled)
T2A-GAL4s (Trojan and CRIMIC gene traps) 

Split-GAL4 stocks

split-GAL4 hemidrivers, combination stocks and tool stocks 

GAL80 stocks

GAL80 stocks 

Tool stocks

Make Trojan GAL4 lines from Mi{MIC} insertions 
Make InSITE GAL4 lines from InSITE insertions 
Convert GAL4 into QF2, GAL80 or split-GAL4 effectors