GAL4 Drivers with GeneSwitch

The inducible "GeneSwitch" GAL4 system is described in Osterwalder et al 2001. Briefly, the system consists of GAL4-progesterone receptor fusion proteins expressed in various patterns. The fusion proteins are not transcriptionally active until induced by RU486 (mifepristone). The GAL4 expression pattern information included below is typically that provided by the donor of the stock. This information is not actively curated by BDSC; it may not adhere to FlyBase anatomy nomenclature and it may be incomplete or out of date.

Expression data: The "GSG" lines below were generated and described by Nicholson et al. 2007. Images and expression data from their supplemental materials can be downloaded here:

1) PDF file of images
2) Excel spreadsheet of expression data

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