Stocks with T2A-GAL4 insertions

These stocks carry an intronic cassette containing a "Trojan GAL4" exon composed of a splice acceptor, T2A peptide, GAL4 coding sequence and an Hsp70 transcription termination signal. The resulting gene trap expresses GAL4 and a truncated gene product (often non-functional depending on the location of the gene trap) under endogenous gene control.

We carry multiple types of T2A-GAL4 lines.

1. Mi{Trojan-GAL4} and Mi{DH} lines carry RMCE-mediated swap-ins of a T2A-GAL4 cassette into a Mi{MIC} insertion as described by Diao et al., 2015 and Li-Kroeger, 2018, respectively. See our Trojan donor and Double Header donor cassette pages for more details. The majority of these were generated by Hugo Bellen and the Gene Disruption Project. The 4th chromosome Mi{DH} lines were generated by Stuart Newfeld and the Fourth Chromosome Resource Project.

2. TI{CRIMIC.TG4} lines carry CRISPR-mediated insertions of a T2A-GAL4 cassette flanked by both attP and FRT sites as described in Lee et al., 2018. Lines are being generated by the Gene Disruption Project and the labs of Hugo Bellen and Norbert Perrimon.

Expression data for most lines can be found under the links in the "Expression Info" column. Many of the Mi{Trojan-GAL4} lines were targeted to genes that are orthologues of human disease genes. UAS constructs expressing many of these human genes can be found on the UAS-human gene page.

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