Light-inducible Shine-GAL4

di Pietro et al. (2021) reported a transgenic light-inducible GAL4/UAS system based on Magnet photoswitches. It allows efficient, rapid, and robust activation of UAS-driven transgenes in different tissues and at various developmental stages in Drosophila.

di Pietro, F., Herszterg, S., Huang, A., Bosveld, F., Alexandre, C., Sancéré, L., Pelletier, S., Joudat, A., Kapoor, V., Vincent, J.P., Bellaïche, Y. (2021). Rapid and robust optogenetic control of gene expression in Drosophila. Dev. Cell 56(24): 3393--3404.e7.

We have the following stocks carrying the split GAL4(DBD)/p65(AD) components:

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