Split-GAL4 driver expression in the intestine

The BDSC has collaborated with Nick Sokol’s lab to examine the expression of split-GAL4 drivers in the intestine. The study was conducted in two separate screens and we present the data and images from these screens in the following pages:

Primary screen for midgut expression - We combined ~7,300 split-GAL4 drivers with reference drivers that limit UAS-GFP expression to the midgut and identified 424 drivers expressed in at least one of five major midgut regions.

Secondary screen for expression in specific intestinal cell types - We combined the 424 split-GAL4 drivers expressed in the midgut with drivers that limit UAS-GFP expression to progenitor cells, enteroblasts, enterocytes or enteroendocrine cells, and documented cell type-specific expression in eleven, more finely delineated midgut regions.

Schematic demonstrating the differences between the UAS-GAL4 system and the SplitGal4 sytem

This work is described in Ariyapala et al. (2020) "Identification of split-GAL4 drivers and enhancers that allow regional cell type manipulations of the Drosophila melanogaster intestine".

This work was supported by NIH grant R21 OD026525.