Secondary screen for split-GAL4 driver expression in specific intestinal cell types

The following table shows the results of screens examining split-GAL4 expression in specific intestine cell types. We combined the 424 drivers identified in the Primary screen for midgut expression with reference drivers (Ref) specific to major intestinal cell types: progenitor cells (P), enteroblasts (EB), enterocytes (EC) and enteroendocrine cells (EE). See Characterization of reference drivers for details.

We examined expression in the proventriculus (PV), the eleven midgut regions (R1A–R5B), and the hindgut (HG) in five adult (4–8 day old) females. We examined males if the primary screen indicated sexually dimorphic expression.

micrograph of female adult gut showing 11 defined subregions, as well as PV and HG. gut is stained for DAPI and displays GFP expression in cells throughout.

GFP expression in cells of specific midgut regions is shown as 0 for no cells, 1 for 1 to 49%, 2 for 50 to 99% and 3 for all cells. “b” indicates exceptionally bright fluorescence.

This data may be downloaded here.

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