Primary screen for midgut expression of split-GAL4 drivers

The following table shows the results of combining split-GAL4 drivers with an intestine-specific reference driver and a UAS-GFP reporter. See Characterization of reference drivers for more details.

GFP expression was recorded for each of the five major intestinal regions (R1–5) and the proventriculus (PV) in intestines from five adult (1–8 day old) females and five males.

Image showing the 5 midgut regions, as well as PV and HG, including DAPI staining and GFP expression from the combination of the 2 PM drivers.

Sexually dimorphic and variable expression patterns are noted. Expression in undissected, wandering third instar larvae is also noted.

See Secondary screen for split-GAL4 driver expression in specific intestinal cell types for results of our follow-up screening.

This data may be downloaded here.

The intestinal expression of GAL4 drivers with the same regulatory fragments present in some of these split-GAL4 drivers were characterized in Lim et al. (2020) and may be viewed on the K-Gut Project webpages.

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