Janelia and CEP GAL4 Stocks

GAL4 lines constructed by the methods described in Pfeiffer et. al., 2008 are found here. The vast majority are from the Janelia Research Campus (a.k.a.  the "GMR_Brain_exp_1" or "Rubin GAL4" lines)  or from Sue Celniker's lab (a.k.a. the "CEP" or Cis Element Predicted lines, see Arbel et al., 2019). These lines express GAL4 under the control of enhancer sequences; from either flanking non-coding or intronic regions of associated genes. In general, these drivers express GAL4 in more restricted patterns than observed with standard enhancer traps.

Expression patterns of the Janelia GAL4 drivers in the adult brain and ventral nerve cord, in third instar imaginal discs, and in the embryonic CNS can be found at Janelia's FlyLight site (we provide links to expression data for individual GAL4 lines below). The data presented at FlyLight are the work of the Janelia Farm FlyLight Project Team and the laboratories of Gerald M. Rubin, Richard S. Mann and Christopher Q. Doe. Please see the Janelia lexA page for important information on potential expression differences between insertions carrying lexA or GAL4 under the control of the same sequence fragment, but inserted in different attP sites.

Enhancer sequence - The fragment report link contains a GBrowse view of the fragment location. The FlyBase report for the Janelia collection can be found here. Files containing Janelia construct information, including primers and sequence coordinates for the fragments in the constructs, can be downloaded as an Excel file or a csv file.

Insertion information - All the constructs were inserted by site-specific recombination into the attP2 site at 68A4 on 3L.

Control stocks - Stk # 68384 carries GAL4 in the same vector used to make the Janelia GAL4 collection but with no regulatory fragment present (also known as the 'empty GAL4' control, pBDPGAL4Uw or pBDPGAL4.1Uw). The line used by Janelia for balancing and stocking these strains is Stk # 36305.

Download a stocklist - A list of Janelia stocks available from the BDSC with their stock numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file or a csv file.

Be aware that most, but not all, insertions with "GMR" in the symbol were made by Janelia. Be sure to look at the provenance of a stock when citing those who generated and analyzed these materials.

IMPORTANT! Please read cautionary information on the Janelia GAL4 stocks here.

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