Janelia lexA Stocks

All Janelia lexA stocks (a.k.a. "Rubin lexA" lines) currently available at Bloomington are listed here. These lines express lexA under the control of defined sequence fragments from either flanking non-coding or intronic regions of associated genes.

Data on the expression patterns generated by these lexA lines is available at Janelia's FlyLight site.

Important expression information - The vast majority of the sequence fragments used in these constructs were also used in the GMR_Brain_exp_1 collection of GAL4 driver lines (FBlc0000201, see the Janelia GAL4 collection at the BDSC). It is important to note that most of these lexA constructs are inserted in the attP40 site at 25C7 on 2L, whereas the GAL4 insertions are in attP2 at 68A4 on 3L (this was done in order to avoid possible transvection effects while using both lexA and GAL4). Because genomic position effects differ between these sites, lexA and GAL4 lines carrying the same sequence fragment can have significant differences in their observed expression patterns; generally the lexA patterns are a subset of the GAL4 pattern.

Fragment information - The fragment reports linked to below contain a GBrowse view of the fragment location.

Control stock - Stk# 77691 w[1118]; P{lexA-p65.Uw}attP40 carries lexA in the same vector used to make the Janelia lexA collection but with no regulatory fragment present (also known as the 'empty lexA' control).

Stock information - Most (but not all) of the constructs were inserted by site-specific recombination onto the second chromosomal attP40 site at 25C6, 2L:5108448. The line used by Janelia Farms for balancing and stocking these strains is available as BDSC Stk# 65050 w[1118]; amos[Tft]/CyO

This collection was constructed by the methods described in Pfeiffer et. al., 2010. Further information can be found in this FlyBase PC from Pfeiffer et. al. Please cite those who generated and analyzed these materials when publishing your own work with these and other Stock Center stocks.

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