These Minos-based protein trap lines are Recombination-Mediated Cassette Exchanges of a fluorescent tag cassette into existing MiMIC lines. Most come from Hugo Bellen and the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) and are described in Nagarkar-Jaiswal et al. 2015. The Mi{DH} lines on the 4th chromosome come from Stuart Newfeld and the Fourth Chromosome Resource Project.

Expression data for most lines can be found under the links in the "Expression data" column.

Tag cassette key:
BM - BFP and myc
DV - Dendra and V5
GFSTF - EGFP, FlAsH, Strep, TEV and 3xFlag
KV - KillerRed and V5
mCh - mCherry
TRH - TagRFP and HA