Protein Trap Lines

In these stocks, fluorescent protein-coding sequences have been inserted upstream or within gene coding sequences resulting in the production of fluorescently-tagged proteins.

We currently have fluorescent protein traps from multiple sources:

  1. The FlyTrap protein trap lines (all the P and PBac insertion lines) come from the FlyTrap project and are described in Morin et al. 2001, Kelso et al. 2004, Buszczak et al. 2007, and Quiñones-Coello et al. 2007. This list includes a few protein traps defined by the FlyTrap project as "putative". They can be identified by clicking on the stock number and reading the stock comments. Click here for a list of all FlyTrap lines.
  2. The Minos-based HTO lines come from Kevin Edward's lab and are described in Singari et al. 2014.
  3. The Minos-based PT lines are Recombination-Mediated Cassette Exchanges of a variety of fluorescent tag cassettes into existing MiMIC lines. They come from Hugo Bellen and the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) and are described in Nagarkar-Jaiswal et al. 2015. Expression data in the brain can be found at the GDP site. See here for definitions of tag cassette abbreviations.
  4. Homologous-recombination or CRISPR-based insertions from various sources (the TI lines).