Drosophila & Human Disease

An increasing number of fly lines are being developed which faithfully model various aspects of human disease and human health-related processes. Listed on these pages (see links below) are fly stocks available at Bloomington which can be used to study a variety of human diseases as well as human health-related subjects such as metabolism.

In addition to characterized fly models of human disease, we may also list putative orthologues for disease-associated genes not yet studied in flies, as well as stocks for studying associated genes and pathways. We identify orthologues using a variety of tools, including Homologene and DIOPT, the literature and our own BLAST searches. You should confirm orthology using your own favorite method. Be advised that inferring function from sequence/phylogeny-based orthology is often, but not always, a valid assumption.

IMPORTANT - In some instances, not every available stock for a particular gene is listed. See here for a list of our inclusion/exclusion criteria. Researchers looking for additional tools (for instance, insertions from which to make deletions) should look at the full list of available lines on the relevant FlyBase gene page.

These pages are a work in progress and we welcome any and all input. If you see any errors, notice missing genes or stocks, have suggestions on additional diseases to include, or have human disease-related stocks you would like to make available at the BDSC, please contact us.

Download a csv or Excel (xlsx) file containing all the disease gene stocks found on these pages with a column that includes the full genotype of the stock.

Other resources:

  • FlyBase Human Disease model page - links to FlyBase human disease reports with information on symptomology, causative genes, molecular mechanisms, Drosophila orthologues and models, references, and much more
  • DRSC Disease Gene Query (DIOPT-DIST) - a query tool for associating human disease and related human genes with orthologues in fly, mouse, C. elegans, yeast and zebrafish; search using a fly gene or a human disease or disease term and the query returns a table that includes disease, associated human gene and the fly orthologue
  • Genes conserved between human and fly - precomputed tables based on Ensembl Biomart and FlyBase
  • Drosophila Models of Human Disease - a blog for fly models of human disease with a focus on reporting new key papers, new resources (e.g. fly stocks) and bioinformatics tools and databases
  • Homophila - a database of OMIM-derived human disease genes and their fly homologs
  • Interactive Fly's human disease page - a list of diseases studied in flies with links to papers
  • Tennessen metabolism gene list - a list of genes predicted to function in metabolic pathways from Jason Tennessen.
DiseaseRepresentative OMIM ID (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man)
MIM# 272200
MIM# 160900
Polyalanine diseases
Polyglutamine diseases (general) 
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia