Criteria for including a stock on a human disease page

Our human disease pages contain curated lists of stocks. In some instances, not every available stock for a particular gene is listed. The following are the criteria for what appears on these pages.

We include:

  1. all widely used "classic" alleles
  2. all available insertions for RNAi knockdown
  3. all available insertions for "overexpression"

We generally exclude:

  1. largely unused "classic" alleles (but only when there are a large number of alleles available)
  2. insertion-based alleles for which there are no published data available (there are many exceptions to this, but we try to note all uncharacterized insertions and why, despite their uncharacterized state, we have chosen to include them)

Researchers looking for additional tools (for instance, insertions from which to make deletions) should make sure to look at the full list of available insertions and mutations on the relevant gene page at FlyBase.