Sleep inbred panel lines

The Sleep Inbred Panel (SIP) is a set of inbred lines generated by Susan Harbison and colleagues to investigate the genetic basis of sleep duration and described in Serrano Negron et al. (2018) "The Sleep Inbred Panel, a collection of inbred Drosophila melanogaster with extreme long and short sleep duration" G3 8: 2865-2873. A nice introduction to this study can be found in this G3 blog article.

As shown in the diagram below and described in detail in the paper and here, the lines are homozygous or near-homozygous stocks established from populations selected for long and short periods of night sleep.

selection scheme for SIP

The SIP lines were inbred from four populations artificially selected for extreme long or short sleep. Ten fully sequenced Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel (DGRP) stocks were used as the starting genetic material for the artificial selection procedure. The goal was to preserve the extreme long- and short-sleeping phenotypes obtained via artificial selection for further correlational and transcriptional analyses.

Information on the full genome sequences of the SIP lines is also available in the paper.

Note that we will likely distribute these stocks for only a limited period. They went into public distribution in October 2017. We will assess demand in a couple of years and may discard them at that time.