Wild Type

Links to wild-type, isogenized and/or sequenced strains in the Bloomington collection can be found here:

All wild-typeAll wild-type stocks at the BDSC
IsogenicSelected lines with one or more isogenized chromosomes
DGRPSequenced Drosophila Genetics Reference Panels strains from the Mackay lab
DSPRGenotyped Drosophila Synthetic Population Resource strains
MalawiStocks carrying sequenced chromosomes extracted from isofemale lines from Malawi
SIPSleep Inbred Panel established from sequenced DGRP strains selected for long and short night-time sleep

The sequenced reference genome strain (see Adams et al., 2000 and Hoskins et al., 2015) is 2057: iso-1 : y[1]; Gr22b[iso-1] Gr22d[iso-1] cn[1] CG33964[iso-1] bw[1] sp[1]; MstProx[iso-1] GstD5[iso-1] Rh6[1]

P elements may be present in some stocks (in particular, 25211 Oregon-R-modENCODE). See Rahman et al., 2015 for details.