Genes conserved between human and fly

It is estimated that about 65% of human disease-causing genes have a functional homolog in Drosophila, and many of these homologs are expressed in tissues that perform the function of the equivalent human tissue (see Ugur et al, 2016).

We fetched human genes and their orthologous Drosophila genes using the Ensembl BioMart tool. The list below is manually updated periodically to reflect name changes in related database (Ensembl and FlyBase).

This FlyBase-compiled table lists human orthologs of D. melanogaster genes using the DIOPT dataset (DIOPT score >=3). Human genes are also associated with diseases (OMIM phenotypes) using the OMIM dataset.

You can download these tables for local browsing fly_ortholog.csv, human_ortholog.csv.

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