Galactosemia is caused by an inability to metabolize galactose. It usually manifests during early infancy and can be life-threatening if not treated immediately. Long-term complications include cataracts, speech problems, developmental delays,intellectual disabilities and reproductive (ovarian) issues. Fly stocks in the Bloomington collection that can be used to study Galactosemia are listed here.

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Galactosemia subtypes (from OMIM)
subtypeHuman gene symbolHuman gene full nameFly gene
Galactosemia, Type 1 (classic)GALTGalactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferaseGalt
Galactokinase deficiency (Galactosemia, Type II)GALK1GalactokinaseGalk
Galactose epimerase deficiency (Galactosemia, Type III)GALEUDP-galactose-4-prime-epimeraseGale