Split-GAL4 stocks carrying GAL4 DNA binding domain hemidrivers

Stocks carrying GAL4 DNA binding domain hemidrivers are listed here. The vast majority of these stocks were donated by the Janelia Research Campus and were generated in the lab of Gerald Rubin at Janelia or in the lab of Barry Dickson at the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna. The methods and characterization of these lines is described in Dionne et al., 2017 and Tirian and Dickson, 2017. Please cite those who generated and analyzed these materials when publishing your own work with these and other Stock Center stocks.

Predicting the expression pattern of Janelia split-GAL4 hemidrivers from full GAL4 studies.
Each regulatory fragment for a given split-GAL4 driver has been used to drive expression of GAL4, and the expression pattern of these full GAL4 constructs was described by Janelia Research Campus, Barry Dickson's group, or Andrew Stark's group at the Institute of Molecular Pathology. Based on data from Dionne et al., 2017 and personal communication with Janelia, full GAL4 driver expression is highly predictive of expression from a split-GAL4 driver carrying the same regulatory fragment if both are inserted into the same attP site. Expression is less predictive if the insertions are at different sites (see the Janelia lexA page for more information). We provide links to expression data for each full GAL4 driven by the regulatory fragment found in a corresponding split-GAL4 hemidriver in the table below.

Expression of split-GAL4 drivers in the midgut.
The BDSC and Nick Sokol’s lab have collaborated to characterize split-GAL4 driver expression patterns in the Drosophila midgut. Our Split-GAL4 Midgut Project page introduces the project and leads to webpages showing expression of 424 drivers in progenitor cells, enteroblasts, enterocytes and enteroendocrine cells in different regions along the length of the intestine.

Control stocks - 71209, 71210, and 79603 stocks carry the GAL4 DNA binding domain and/or the p65 activation domain in the same vector used to make the Janelia split GAL4 collection but with no regulatory fragment present. The remaining stocks are those used by Janelia to make stable stocks.

Stk  #GenotypeAlso known as
71209w[1118]; P{GAL4-DBD.Uw}attP2'GAL4-DBD.empty' control, BPZpGDBD or pBPZpGAL4DBDUw (attP2).
71210w[1118]; P{p65-AD.Uw}attP40'p65-AD.empty' control, BPp65ADZp or pBPp65ADZpUw (attP40).
79603w[1118]; P{p65-AD.Uw}attP40; P{GAL4-DBD.Uw}attP2'empty stable split' control
76357w[1118]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; MKRS/TM6B, Tb[1]
76359w[1118]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO, P{w[+mC]=2xTb[1]-RFP}CyO; MKRS/TM6B, Tb[1]
76358w[1118] P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=10xUAS-IVS-myr::smGdP-HA}attP18 P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=13xLexAop2-IVS-myr::smGdP-V5}su(Hw)attP8; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; MKRS/TM6B, Tb[1]

Stocks carrying p65 activation domain, GAL4 activation domain, VP16 activation domain, or lexA DNA binding domain hemidrivers can be found on their respective pages.