Split-GAL4 combination lines

Janelia has generated a set of stocks carrying combinations of "split" transcriptional activators that activate UAS reporters in specific sets of neurons in the mushroom body and optic lobe.

The expression patterns for each line can be found at the Janelia Flylight site. Links to the data for individual lines are provided in the Janelia line identifier column.

See the Janelia Flylight site and the following references for more information.
- Aso et al., 2014. The neuronal architecture of the mushroom body provides a logic for associative learning. eLife. 3:e04577
- Aso and Rubin, 2016. Dopaminergic neurons write and update memories with cell-type-specific rules. eLife 5(): e16135
- Wu et al., 2016. Visual projection neurons in the Drosophila lobula link feature detection to distinct behavioral programs. eLife 5(): e21022

Control stocks - These stocks carry the GAL4 DNA binding domain and/or the p65 activation domain in the same vector used to make the Janelia split GAL4 collection but with no regulatory fragment present.

Stk  #GenotypeAlso known as
71209w[1118]; P{GAL4-DBD.Uw}attP2'GAL4-DBD.empty' control, BPZpGDBD or pBPZpGAL4DBDUw (attP2).
71210w[1118]; P{p65-AD.Uw}attP40'p65-AD.empty' control, BPp65ADZp or pBPp65ADZpUw (attP40).
79603w[1118]; P{p65-AD.Uw}attP40; P{GAL4-DBD.Uw}attP2'empty stable split' control

For other stocks expressing both an activation and DNA-binding domain see:
- Transcription-based calcium sensors

For stocks expressing either an activation OR a DNA-binding domain see:
- Split transcriptional activator page

The majority of the stocks listed below are generated by Janelia and available as a predefined set for ordering.