Duplication Lists and Uses

BDSC carries two sets of duplications: Interchromosomal Duplications and Intrachromosomal Duplications as described below:

Interchromosomal Duplications
We carry molecularly-defined duplications that provide nearly complete coverage for X chromosome and 4th chromosome. However only a few molecularly-defined duplications for Chr 2 and Chr 3 are currently available. BDSC also has a large collection of cytologically-defined duplications generated by irradiation and characterized primarily by polytene chromosome cytology.
Intrachromosomal Duplications

We list intrachromosomal duplications separately because they are primarily used for changing the dosages of genes and are less useful for gene mapping and rescue experiments. All have been characterized by polytene cytology. You can read more about these duplications in An Introduction to Intrachromosomal Duplications

Follow the links below for all stocks carrying intrachromosomal duplications and subsets that provide efficient coverage of the indicated chromosome:

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