X Chromosome Duplications Made by Transgenesis

These duplications were generated by transgenic methods and are generally five to twenty genes in size. They are useful for mapping, gene rescue and changing the dosage of X-linked genes. The duplications consist of 70-120 kb segments of the X chromosome integrated into an attP site (most duplications are inserted into PBac{y[+]-attP-3B}VK00033 at 3L:6435776 (65B2)). The DC duplications are described in Venken et al. (2010). The transformation system was described in Venken et al. (2006). The transformed X chromosome segments originated in BAC libraries described in Venken et al. (2009). See the Bellen lab P[acman] Resources site for more information.

Download a poster showing molecularly defined duplications and deficiencies for the X chromosome.