Alternative site-specific recombination systems

There are now recombinases and target sites available in addition to FLP and FRT for use in Drosophila. The following stocks contain constructs expressing recombinases or integrases as well as constructs for testing recombinase activity

Many of these constructs were described in Nern et al. (2011), which discusses the merits of several of the systems. It also discusses the toxic effects on flies of expressing cre recombinase, which, though better known than these other recombinases, presents many disadvantages.

For stocks carrying phiC31 integrase and phiC31-targeted attP-carrying insertions see our phiC31 page.

This FLP variant was selected to interact with a variant FRT sequence. This FLP-FRT system is mutually incompatible with regular FLP-FRT.

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