Welcome Sam Zheng and Cale Whitworth

We are extremely pleased to welcome Sam Zheng, Ph.D., Associate Scientist, and Cale Whitworth, Ph.D., Assistant Scientist, to the BDSC staff. Sam has more than 16 years of Drosophila experience with a focus on genetics, behavior and neurobiology. Cale has more than 10 years of Drosophila experience with a focus on developmental biology and sex determination. Both joined the project on August 1 and are busy learning how to run a stock center. We look forward to sharing Sam and Cale’s expertise and enthusiasm for Drosophila with the BDSC user community (see Center Staff for contact information).

This support will allow us to transfer the stocks from Janelia to the BDSC and maintain the full collection of split-GAL4 hemidrivers for at least one year. After the initial period of support from NIH, we will evaluate continued maintenance of the entire collection or a subset based on usage of the stocks and availability of external funding.

To browse through available split-GAL4 stocks you can navigate to our split-GAL4 page.