QF Stocks

All stocks available from Bloomington with a QF insertion are shown here. Please see the Q system page for an explanation of the QF protein and the Q system. We also have stocks carrying other components of the Q system including QS and QUAS.

Four types of QF "variants" are available - the original QF described in Potter, et al, 2010 and three new versions made in Christopher Potter's lab:

Variant NameDescription
QFOriginal QF described in Potter, et al, 2010
QF2a new and less toxic variant of QF
QF2wQF2 carrying mutations that result in weaker transactivation and possibly less toxicity when expressed ubiquitously
QF activation domain fusionsThe activation domain of QF fused to the DNA-binding domain of either GAL4 or lexA

HACKed QF2 Stocks

Lin and Potter (2016) developed the homology assisted CRISPR knock-in (HACK) method and applied this method to convert commonly-used GAL4 lines into QF2-expressing lines.  More information on these stocks can be found on our HACK page.

Please cite those who generated and analyzed these materials when publishing your own work with these and other Stock Center stocks.

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