Mapping lab

The following stocks were used in a lesson plan published by Derek Dean, David Deitcher, David Loehlin, and Lois Banta (Dean et al., 2020. Mapping a mutation to its gene: The "fly lab” as a modern research experience.CourseSource). The lesson simulates a modern research experience: students cross an unknown mutant to flies with molecularly defined transgene insertions, deletions, and duplications. After scoring the progeny, they interpret their data with FlyBase bioinformatics to map the unknown mutation to a single gene.

If you do not wish to order the complete list of stocks, below the table are suggestions about which stocks to prioritize.

Complete list of stocks to order:

Here is a complete list of the stock numbers for easy copy/paste into the BDSC order form: 7718, 8898, 8952, 9058, 12442, 12470, 26565, 26863, 26864, 30380, 30381, 30382, 30383, 30384, 30385, 30386, 30387, 30389, 30390, 32580, 32628, 33328, 84699

If you prefer to work with fewer stocks, we recommend the following priorities (reasoning discussed in Supporting File S1 of the manuscript, Table S1-4):

Parental Stocks

  • 84699 is essential to order (it is the "Mutant" stock)
  • Order at least three "WT" stocks:
    • at least one of the following "WT" stocks: 12442, 12470, 33328
    • at least one of the remaining "WT" stocks: 32580, 32628
    • at least one more "WT" stock (any other from the 5 listed in the previous two bullet points)

Df Stocks

  • 7718
  • at least one of the following: 8898, 8952, 9058

Dp Stocks

  • 30384
  • 30385
  • at least one other Dp stock from the remaining list: 30380, 30381, 30382, 30383, 30386, 30387, 30389, 30390