lexA donor stocks

The following stocks carry donor construct for the InSITE system, designed to swap the coding region present in an InSITE target enhancer trap insertion with the Ecol\lexA coding region. Contains an FRT cassette which contains an attB site, a minimal P\Tpromoter followed by the Ecol\lexA coding sequence, and a w[+mC] marker (the marker is flanked by loxP sites). This donor cassette can be excised by FLPase and then inserted into the attP site of an InSITE target insertion using phiC31 recombinase. The swap can then be completed by using Cre recombinase to remove the original target Scer\GAL4 coding region (this step should also result in the removal of the w[+mC] marker). See Gohl et al. (2011) for details. 

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