piggyBac Transposable Element Insertions

Lists of PBac-based insertions selected by the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) can be found by clicking the links in the table below. 

PBac Insertions (click a chromosome number below for a list of stocks)

Please read this caution about insertion phenotype data.  For most insertions mapped to the sequence, the cytology is estimated using the FlyBase Cytological<==>Sequence map conversion table.

General Information

Schematics for these insertions can be found at the GDP website.

Primary references:

PBac{PB}, PBac{WH} and PBac{RB}, Thibault et al., 2004 (Some restrictions apply.)
PBac{5HPw[+]} and PBac{3HPy[+]}, Ring 2001
PBac{GAL4D,EYFP}, Hacker et al. 2003

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