Exelixis Stock Restrictions

  • Any use of  Exelixis, Inc. stocks for commercial research requires a separate use license. Contact the company at info at exelixis.com to request a use license for commercial research. 

  • These stocks may not be redistributed to any third party outside of the recipient's institution. Recipients may take these stocks with them when they move to a new institution, provided they will be conducting non-commercial research at the new institution. If a stock is no longer available from the Bloomington Stock Center, an investigator may redistribute the stock to other not-for-profit investigators if recipients are notified in writing of the license requirements and redistribution restrictions.

  • By providing these stocks, Exelixis grants no rights to any patents or patent applications. Exelixis makes no representations regarding the stocks and extends no warranties of any kind. Exelixis shall not be liable for damage associated with the use of these stocks. 

  • Stock recipients are encouraged to publish the results of their research and to acknowledge Exelixis as the source of the stocks.