Potential Misexpression Insertions

Bloomington does not collect misexpression lines per se, but some insertions chosen as gene disruption lines carry UAS constructs. Insertions in this category have the potential to misexpress genes that flank the insertion sites, depending on the location and orientation of an insertion. All available insertions of misexpression constructs are included here, without regard to the misexpression potential of a given insertion.

This short powerpoint presentation from FlyBase explains how to determine whether a UAS insertion is in the correct orientation to misexpress a given gene.

Transgene Construct
Chromosome or Arm
PBac{WH}1 (X)2 3 4
P{EP}1 (X)2 3  
P{EPgy2}1 (X)2L2R3L3R4
P{Mae-UAS.6.11}1 (X)2 3 4
P{XP}1 (X)2 3  

Please read this caution about insertion phenotype data.

Some restrictions apply to the distribution and use of transposon insertion lines from Exelixis (PBac{WH} and P{XP}). Commercial researchers must obtain a use license from Exelixis to work with these stocks.

General information

Schematics for these insertions can be found at the GDP website.

Primary references:

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