Exelixis Insertions

Lists of insertions made by Exelixis and selected by the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) can be found under the links below. For most insertions mapped to the sequence, cytology is estimated using the FlyBase Cytological<==>Sequence map conversion table.

Additional information follows the table of links. For information about the Exelixis background in X chromosome insertion stocks, see the "Background Stocks" section.

Exelixis Insertion Lists (click on a chromosome for a list of stocks)
ChromosomeAll1 (X)234

Primary Reference for Exel Insertions

Thibault et al., 2004, A complementary transposon tool kit for Drosophila melanogaster using P and piggyBac. Nat. Genet. 36(3): 283--287

  • Insertions listed in Supplementary Table 2 are at Bloomington
  • Insertions listed in Supplementary Table 3 are at Harvard Medical School

Some restrictions apply to the distribution and use of transposon insertion lines from Exelixis. Commercial researchers must obtain a use license from Exelixis to work with these stocks.

Most insertions from large-scale screens have not been characterized for lethality, sterility or other phenotypes when they are first made available. Phenotypes noted in stock records typically reflect the BDSC's assessment of the presence or absence of a balancer when the stock was processed into the collection.

The presence or proportion of balancers in insertion stocks can change over time, and in balanced lines, the identified insertion might not be responsible for the phenotype. Use caution when attributing function to genes based on insertions even when a lethal or sterile phenotype is classified as "verified". In many cases this means that the phenotype has been associated with the insertion by failure to complement a deficiency for the region of the insertion. In such cases the phenotype could be caused by a closely linked mutation induced by transposition rather than by the identified insertion.

Background stocks are available for most of the Exelixis collection. Exelixis X chromosome insertions may be in a different background from the rest of the collection.

P{XP}, PBac{WH} and PBac{RB} insertions carry FRT sequences and may be used to generate chromosomal deletions.

Schematics for Exelixis insertions can be found at the GDP website and in Supplementary Figure 1 of Thibault et. al. 2004.

Download an Excel file depicting the positions of Exelixis insertions relative to sequence-mapped genes.

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