Targeted Gene Knock-Out Stocks

These stocks constitute the gene replacement kit for creating targeted knock-outs from the Golic lab (see Rong and Golic, 2000 and Rong et al., 2002).

Stock #Genotype
6938w[1118]; P{70FLP}10
6934y[1] w[*]; P{70FLP}11 P{70I-SceI}2B noc[Sco]/CyO, S[2]
6936P{hs-I-CreI.R}2A, v[1]; ry[506]
6937w[1118]; P{hs-I-CreI.R}1A Sb[1]/TM6
6971y[1] w[*]; P{y-donor}1B Sb[1]/TM6
6972w[1118]; P{w8,I-site}7

These stocks are similar to stock 6934, but they allow heat shock killing of unwanted progeny classes in knock-out screens. Their use is described in Huang et al., (2008)

Stock #Genotype
25680y[1] w[*]/Dp(2;Y)G, P{hs-hid}Y; P{70FLP}11 P{70I-SceI}2B noc[Sco]/CyO, P{hs-hid}4
25679y[1] w[*]/Dp(2;Y)G, P{hs-hid}Y; P{70FLP}23 P{70I-SceI}4A/TM3, P{hs-hid}14, Sb[1]