Deficiency information

Key to information provided in deficiency tables:

  • Symbol - Df symbol (or other aberration symbol) linked to a FlyBase report. All available stocks for the Df/Ab are listed in the FlyBase report. Deficiencies with 'Exel' in the symbol were donated under legal restrictions and require a license for commercial use.
  • Stk Count - a count of stocks that carry the Df/Ab.
  • Stk# - The BDSC stock number linked to a BDSC stock report. This is either the only BDSC stock available, or the simplest one.
  • Observed Bkpts - The observed breakpoints of each aberrant segment in release 6 genomic coordinates or polytene chromosome bands, depending on how each breakpoint was characterized. The type of aberration is indicated for each segment.
  • Estimated Cyto - Estimated cytological locations for sequenced-characterized breakpoints.
  • Estimated R6 Seq - Estimated sequence coordinates in release 6 for cytologically characterized breakpoints.

Need a different deficiency?

Use the DrosDel FRT Deletion Hunter tool to identify insertions that can be used to make additional deficiencies.

Links below are posters showing all molecularly defined deletions. (In some cases the deletion is no longer available in stock.)


Please cite those who generated and analyzed these materials when publishing your own work with these and other BDSC stocks.

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