Attached-X variants at Bloomington

The following table shows all the attached-X chromosomes present in Bloomington stocks with their visible marker mutations. For each chromosome, we have listed at least one example stock. More stocks can be found in the complete list of attached-X stocks.

An introduction to attached-X chromosomes provides an overview of these chromosomes.

In the following genotypes, "0" is used to indicate the absence of a free Y chromosome. This should be considered our best guess. Several stocks donated with "0" in the genotype have been found to carry a free Y chromosome, so you should test for the absence of a free Y in any attached-X stock you obtain. (The X0 male progeny of X^X/0 females crossed to normal males will be sterile and will have crystalline inclusions in their spermatocytes.) All C(1)DX stocks carry a free Y.