Welcome to the new website!

The BDSC has a new website! We hope you'll be pleased with several new features including a better ordering system, access to more information about your account, vastly improved search capabilities, stock browsing tables that can be sorted and/or filtered, mobile friendly layout, and improved security.

Stock ordering and payments will use the new website exclusively starting December 22, 2017. Registered users will be sent an e-mail with details on accessing your account. See How to Order for instructions on using the new set up. If you run into problems, please contact us.

Stock reports and stock browsing options will continue to be available from the old BDSC site during the transition.

There are bugs! Work on the new site is on-going, so you can expect some bumps along the way. The Advanced Stock and Advanced Symbol searches in particular are not yet at 100%. In addition, there may be discrepancies between stock browsing tables on the old versus new sites although in this case, it is likely that the new site is correct. If you can't find a stock or symbol and you are pretty sure it should be there, please contact us.