Job opening at Janelia Research Campus

Do you have expertise working with Drosophila species as a model organism in basic science research?  Do you have expertise in the design and use of state-of-the-art genome engineering techniques for Drosophila species?  Do you have experience leading a team that helps researchers achieve their scientific goals?  If so, then this position is for you!

The Janelia Research Campus of HHMI is looking for an experienced and highly motivated individual to lead and manage the Drosophila and Media Shared Resources.  These teams are instrumental in supporting research labs that develop molecular tools for cell based and in-vivo studies, labs that study how the brain enables flexible behavior, and labs that study how cells work and communicate across scales to build and maintain organs and organisms.  The ideal candidate will have a BS (PhD preferred) in a biological science with at least five years of experience working with and using Drosophila species in a research setting, including direct experience with the design and implementation of CRISPR based genome engineering techniques in Drosophila species.  Candidates should also have a minimum of three years of personnel management experience.  Experience with robotics and automation is preferred.

See the full job description and apply at the Janelia Research Campus website.