Our Amazing Stockkeepers

As we continue to deal with the COVID pandemic's impacts on how we work, we want to take a moment to recognize the unsung champions of the BDSC.  It has taken a tremendous amount of effort to make it to this point and the majority of that effort has been carried out by our stockkeepers, the true heroes of the Drosophila community. Since March 25, 2020, this group of 61 individuals have cared for 151,158 independently maintained fly strains in this ongoing pandemic. Thanks to their hard work, the collection is healthy, and the Drosophila research community will continue to have access to stocks. None of this would have been possible without our stockkeeping staff, and we want to publicly thank them for their selfless dedication in an incredibly difficult situation. Their work is not over, and it will continue in less than ideal circumstances, but we are humbled by what they have accomplished.

Updated 8/31/2020 to reflect our reopening in May.